Breakout Act 1

When the power went out on the Raft UltraMAX prison, an unlikely team of heroes who ‘just happened to be in the city’ gathered to deal with the problem. Thor had been drinking kegs in a new trendy bar called ‘Valhalla.’ She Hulk was also out clubbing. Tony Stark was in town to give a lecture on his newest totally electric car. Cyclops was catching a show on broadway. Luke Cage and Deadpool were already at the Raft body-guarding (or harassing) Dr. Banner’s attorney, Foggy Nelson. Somehow this group of super-beings would join together to form a ‘team’ to tackle the superbeings escaping from the Raft.

After a lackluster effort to ’Avenger’s Assemble!’ led by Mr. Stark, with much armpitting involved, the ‘team’ got to the Raft.

Deadpool and Luke Cage were down below with Banner’s attorney when the power went out and things got all tentacly . . .
Lawyer carnage
Deadpool used the lawyer as a missile, slowing Carnage down for a moment, before he and Cage jointly beat him into submission . . . whereupon Deadpool was evidently infected by the symbiote.

Deadpool then had the bright idea to tickle the Hulk ‘for humanity’ . . .
Hulk vs pool by saadirfan

On the Raft’s upper deck, the rest of the team faced down Count Nefaria, who gloated and ranted and went down in one shot. Gray Gargoyle and Living Laser showed up and put up a good fight, but Thor dissipated the Laser and absorbed him into Mjolnir with a promise of seeking a way to restore him to human form. Gargoyle shrugged off many physical attacks and turned a thug to stone before a sonic attack (by way of thunder) crumbled his resolve.

Immediately following the breakout, the team heads to Long Island to deal with the Wrecking Crew Incident.

Breakout Act 1

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