Heroes Amalgamated

Deadpool's Summary

Here’s what’s been going on in previous issues:

Way back in issue #1, the Wrecking Crew ended up with a cosmic cube and, since we were somewhat partially involved in letting them get it, we were tasked with hunting them down. The Wrecker has used the cube to set up a pleasure dome in New Jersey, full of bikini babes and other D-list villains.

The Wrecker was simply using the cube to send out mooks to rob banks. We intercepted one of the robberies lead by Taskmaster. We subdued them, and got the info about how to enter this pleasure dome from Taskmaster. Essentially, just ring the doorbell. If you’re on the list, you’re in.

I (Deadpool), took Taskmaster’s costume, and we all piled into the van and drove down to Jersey. Well, Thor drove.

While I sat in the back chatting with a tied, bound, gagged and now Deadpool-masked Taskmaster, the “grown ups” up front could only talk about “not letting Deadpool get the cosmic cube.”

To cut a long story short, we did a bunch of stuff, a bunch of stuff happened, and now Deadpool has the cosmic cube.

Apparently, Thanos and Dr. Doom want it though…



Deadpool's Summary

I really like this write up.

Deadpool's Summary

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