Heroes Amalgamated

The Immortal Wars

look what you guys missed out on.

If I’m there, Deadpool won’t have the cube anymore.

After spending a month on honeymoon with Death, he returned to civilization to find that no one has died within that month and the universe is at civil war. One side is in favor of continuing existence without fear of death and are hunting down Deadpool to get the cube to prevent him from sending her back; while the other side is in favor of hunting down Deadpool and using the cube to bring things back the way they were. That begins a massive Marvel-crossing event called “The Immortality Wars” with super groups across the universe split and reformed based on their personal points of view. Deadpool finds himself and Lady Death hunted by friends, rescued by enemies across the galaxy. All of this culminated with an epic double sized Immortality #11 where Deadpool, seeing the end of the universe at hand, at last uses the cube to reverse time back to the wedding with which we ended our game, thus removing the memory of The Immortality Wars from the memories of everyone in existence… except for Deadpool, of course. Instead of raising the veil to reveal Lady Death at the wedding, Deadpool removed the veil to reveal a plastic classroom skeleton in a wedding dress, and he teleported out of there. Between turning back time and teleporting away, Deadpool used up the last bit of the cube’s energy. With a shrug, Deadpool chucked it into the middle of the Atlantic and sailed away on his pirate ship.

The end. Or is it?



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