Heroes Amalgamated

Wrecking Crew: Chewed and Cubed

The Wrecking Crew (The Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, and Bulldozer) show up outside the home of Ed Gross, a wealthy collector of superhero paraphernalia. The Wrecker has known of Gross for some time and was waiting for a good time to pull a heist and score some high-powered or expensive gear. He’d even heard rumors that a Cosmic Cube was here, or possibly Thor’s hammer. He figured with all the NYC heroes busy with the breakout, the time was right.

Wrecking crew avengers marvel legends 640x347

It turns out Mjolnir was not present in Gross’ collection, but a Cosmic Cube was. The Wrecking Crew was facing certain defeat — indeed, Wrecker himself appeared to have been killed by Deadpool. However, Thunderball somehow made it into Gross’ basement gallery, where the Cube was displayed prominently. He took it and immediately used its unfathomable power to teleport himself and the rest of the Crew away. Their whereabouts remain unknown…for now. It also unknown which Cosmic Cube was stolen, and how Gross obtained it in the first place.

Immediately following this event, Uatu the Watcher observed the divergence from primary Marvel continuity and designated this new reality Earth-14216.



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