I've been besmirched! This besmirchment will not stand!


XP 29

Married to Death

Power Cosmic

Burrito grenades

Deadpool crunch


The Weapon X program altered mercenary Wade Wilson, heightening his physical abilities and giving him a healing factor similar to Wolverine. This made him an effective operative, but side effects from his transformation disfigured him and unbalanced his mind. As Deadpool, Wade became a government operative and later a killer for hire.

<unauthorized>: I’m also the lost son of the Asgardian trickster god Loki. Why doesn’t anyone mention that?

Deadpool worked as a mercenary and assassin for years, alternating between trying to recover his lost past and ignoring it entirely. Over time, Wilson has become less of a villain and more of an adventurer for hire—albeit a very unorthodox and unstable one. He has fought both with and against various heroes and villains, most notably Cable, Wolverine, and Agent X.

<unauthorized>: Don’t forget to mention Uncle Thor, She-Hulk, Cyclops, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Luke Cage!

Wilson switches allegiances frequently, even in the middle of a fight. He also talk constantly, cracking jokes and making odd references. He frequently talks to an unseen “audience” as though he’s a fictional character. Underneath this behavior is a deeply scarred man unsure of what is real and what is elaborate delusion caused by his superhuman abilities.

<unauthorized>: Okay, I suppose that’s fair. But, hey, it keeps things interesting, right, folks?

Abilities & Resources
Deadpool’s healing factor allows him to recover from dismemberment, even decapitation, if the severed pieces are reattached. This power also greatly increases his lifespan and resistance to drugs and disease. Rampant and unrestrained cell growth causes his cerebral tissues to recover quickly from psychological trauma and renders him incredibly resistant to psychic powers such as mind control and telepathy. Wilson’s physical abilities are also augmented, giving him increased strength and agility.


In addition to his powers, Deadpool is a highly trained soldier, assassin and cover operative. He is particularly adept with bladed weapons and firearms, and fights so unpredictably that even skilled tacticians have a hard time following his moves. He also possesses various pieces of advanced technology, most notably a teleportation device. He has used an image inducer in the past to conceal his scarred features and appear normal.

<unauthorized>: I also make a great tiramisu and knit cunning wool hats.

Deadpool has worked with numerous heroes and villains, from Cable to Taskmaster. Due to his personality problems and insanity, it’s hard to consider most of these people allies much less friends, though he might call on some of them for help in a pinch. In addition to temporary partnerships, Deadpool has a couple close confidants, most notably his manager Sandi Brandenburg and the troubled genius known as Weasel.

<unauthorized>: I’m also multilingual and once shot a man in Reno just…because someone paid me. Please don’t play me as if I’m an idiot. That’ll really annoy me. Tootles.


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