Thor, God of Thunder


XP: 32

Son of Asgard Weather control = 8

Thor crunch


Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning, hails from the timeless realm of Asgard. He was born in a cave in Norway, the son of Odin AllFather and Gaea, the goddess of the Earth. Odin raised him as his heir alongside his foster brother Loki, the trickster. The two young gods forged a legendary rivalry that grew into a bitter feud as adults. Thor earned the right to wield the uru hammer Mjolnir and established his standing as Asgard’s greatest warrior, much to Loki’s chagrin. The Norse sagas are filled with Thor’s epic deeds, tales passed on by those who once worshiped him on Earth.

In recent years, Odin determined that his son needed to learn a lesson of humility and caused Thor to be bound to the mortal form of Dr. Donald Blake. When Blake struck his walking stick upon the ground, a stroke of lightning transformed the stick into Mjolnir and Blake into the mighty Thor. For many years, Thor fought evil and defended humanity, confronting many dangerous foes, including Loki. Indeed, it was Loki who caused Thor to ally with Iron Man, Ant Man, the Wasp, and the Hulk to found the Avengers. Thor has been a stalwart member of that team throughout its history, with only occasional breaks from its roster.

While Midgard draws much of Thor’s attention, his destiny as heir to Odin’s power is the driving force behind many of his adventures in other realms. He has reigned in his father’s stead on several occasions, but always finds a way to return this responsibility to his father or another worthy successor. Thor has lived out a future in which he takes his father’s place but, horrified at how unjust he became, strove to venture back in time and prevent this timeline from happening.

Thor’s courage, confidence, and temper are the stuff of legends. While not as cunning or clever as his foster brother, Loki, the God of Thunder has a clear sense of righteous action and never falters in the face of great challenge or crisis. At times comes across as arrogance or bravado, but it is not; Thor can back up his boastful declarations with actual competence and power. His speech is formal and archaic, exemplified by challenges—“Have at thee, knave!”—or by colorful oaths—“By Odin’s beard!” Thought fierce and wrathful in battle, he is otherwise friendly and in good humor, especially around his friends and companions.

Abilities & Resources
Like all Asgardians, Thor is superhumanly strong, impervious to most forms of physical injury, and gifted with keen senses and reflexes. Due to his atypical parentage and godly stature, Thor is even stronger than other Asgardians, rivaling such heroes as the Hulk and Hercules in sheer power. He’s been known to employ mystic artifacts such as a Belt of Strength and dwarf-crafted armor, but even without these items he’s literally a force of nature.

Thor is never without his hammer Mjolnir, forged by the dwarven blacksmith Eitri out of uru metal, the material at the core of a dying star. Blessed with multiple enchantments, Mjolnir returns to Thor’s hand when hurled, may only be lifted by those who are worthy to do so, and allows the Thunder God to master the elements. It’s capable of projecting powerful blasts of energy, bearing its wielder aloft in flight, and deflecting attacks when spun with great force. Thor has used Mjolnir to perform amazing feats of a mystic or supernatural nature, including opening portals to other dimensions or traveling forward and backward in time.

As a founding Avenger, an Asgardian prince, and a friend to many in the super hero community, Thor has almost limitless wealth and resources should he need it. He rarely makes use of this affluence, however, preferring to make do with his own powers and talents. He is a close friend and companion of the other founding Avengers, including Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Hank Pym. He’s also close to Jane Foster, a medical professional and former love interest. Away from Earth, Thor can count on Asgardians such as the Lady Sif, Lord Balder, and the Warriors Three should he need them.

Thor, God of Thunder

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