Heroes Amalgamated

Fun on a Container Ship

A Prologue

Your team, such as it is, has gathered at the Jersey docks. You have gotten a tip that Hydroman, who escaped your clutches following his breakout from the raft, is looting a container ship.


The ship is in sight, and though you haven’t laid eyes on Hydroman yet, you do see a bunch of goons led by Tombstone going through the containers.He also broke out from the raft. Looks like time to round ’em up.

As you prepare to engage, everyone feels a tingling in their skull and they hear a reverberating, “Hold, friends!”
Clouds rapidly gather and swirl. Lightning crackles. Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, floats down to be among you. He nods at each of you in turn. He closes his eyes as the Eye of Agamotto gently floats a few inches of his neck.Dr. Strange senses something amiss .

“My Sight is hindered. There are…strange…forces at work here. I am unable to penetrate them, friends. But beware! Something stirs in that ship’s hull. I shall try to focus…Ablaxiuo Vulterranch…Glorbho-Zevhvh…”

Dr. Strange pulls his legs up to float cross-legged in mid air and trails off in concentration…

“Norbuu, Servant of Yib!” The Doctor exclaims and then almost falls. He steadies himself and clutches his head. "It is no use, friends. My Sight fails me. Such power must be great to block my vision, " the Sorcerer continues with a sigh, “and I had tickets to see in The Book of Mormon at the Greenwich Street Theater tonight. Ah, well. Time to make the Cosmic Donuts. Anyone have a plan?”

Shield has been working hard, with superteams like yourselves . . . the Defenders . . . to recapture all of the escapees from the raft. But other interested parties are also intervening. You have heard that some Hydra goons tried to break Count Nefaria out while he was being transported back to a holding facility. But an Avenger team led by Capt. America thwarted the attempt

Strange ponders the villains we are aware of.

“Count Nefaria,” he thinks, “isn’t he just a mafia thug with money?”

A book appears out of thin air, he consults it, and then it vanishes.

“Apparently not,” he mutters to himself, a look of consternation coming over him.

The Doctor breaths a sharp whew of relief in appreciation for not having to fight the Count. Still, he admires the man’s goatee, cape, and overall fashion sense. He also tucks away a reminder to invite Captain America over for tea and thank-yous.

Wolverine hears something .
Wolverine shushes everyone. “Can’t make out details, but I can hear about a dozen mooks bitchin’ and moanin’ up there. They’re lootin’ the cargo, but it ain’t what they were expecting. And…hold on… Hmph. Heard the names Tombstone n Jigsaw. Psychos and crooks workin’ a mediocre score. Guess we should crash their party.”



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